Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is the Flipped Classroom?

This year the district has put an emphasis on technology in the classroom In a few weeks, the 4th graders will be one to one with an iPad during school hours (1 iPad per student). This will open up many doors to our students, from engagement to differentiation. 

One of the ideas thrown out to me last year was the idea of The Flipped Classroom.  This is an idea that I have thought about for quite some time.  I am constantly brainstorming ideas of apps and sites I might use should I have the opportunity to flip my classroom. I learned a lot last year when piloting the flipped classroom idea and most importantly, the students learned a lot too. The results were exciting and the kids were on fire about math and technology.  What was once a worksheet that I sent home for a child to do, now became an opportunity to be  taught the concepts they would be learning the next day in class.  Another perk was that more time was freed up in class for the application of what we learned.  Here are some resources that may help you understand the concept of The Flipped Classroom and provide a glimpse into how teaching trends are being adapted to our technological age.

Students will be bringing home some information regarding the flipped classroom and what each student will need to make it possible. 

Last year we used Schoology as our platform for finding assignments, lesson videos and class discussions.  Students will have their own accounts and will learn how to navigate the site.  I will be using Educreations to make my online lessons the students will be assigned. 

Links to more info on the Flipped Classroom

Monday, November 11, 2013

Scholastic Storia App: My Families Experience

Our families test run with Scholastic's Storia app has made reading before bed so much more fun and engaging. Last year I ran across Storia, an app that integrates technology with reading.  If you have a tablet or smart phone you can download the free app and purchase online books through Scholastic.  It's instant and affordable.  You can buy and download books and store them on your Storia App bookshelf. I have created 2 bookshelves, one for Ellie and Evynn's books and one for my 4th Grader's books.  Some of the books are interactive and give the students a little bit of a fun touch that doesn't come with a regular book.  If you have seen it or been thinking about it, I recommend it.  Other online books can be found with Barnes and Noble's Nook,  Apple's iBook app, and Amazon's Kindle. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to the Fantastic 4th Grade

 My name is Mrs. Alvarez and I am so excited to assist my new students on their journey through the 2014-2015 school year.  There are so many fascinating subjects we will be studying throughout the year.  I look forward to watching each one of my students grow and learn.
   Above you will find tabs that have important information for parents and students alike. Please explore this site so you can find the resources available to you. I hope you find them helpful.  Also, please bookmark this page on your favorites so that you can quickly check back often to see what is happening in our class.  This site is also mobile device friendly so that you can access from smart phones or tablets.

     The purpose of this class site/blog is to provide the families of my students with updates, additional resources that may be helpful, introduce you to fun and educational games, opportunities to get extra practice at home, and important links.  As the author of this page I will protect the privacy of every student in my class.  I will not post any pictures of my student's faces nor provide their full names in anyway.  Your child's I will also refer to our school as RMES for added protection.  My goal is to keep everyone updated on classroom happenings in a 21st Century fashion.

    Please keep in mind that our Yellowstone field trip is coming up Sept. 11h.  I sent home permissions slips on meet the teacher night and the first day of school if you were unable to make it on meet the teacher night.  I have extra should you need it.  Please return those slips as soon as possible.  Any volunteer help is greatly appreciated.  We are looking for approximately 3 parents to represent each 4th grade class.