Monday, November 11, 2013

Scholastic Storia App: My Families Experience

Our families test run with Scholastic's Storia app has made reading before bed so much more fun and engaging. Last year I ran across Storia, an app that integrates technology with reading.  If you have a tablet or smart phone you can download the free app and purchase online books through Scholastic.  It's instant and affordable.  You can buy and download books and store them on your Storia App bookshelf. I have created 2 bookshelves, one for Ellie and Evynn's books and one for my 4th Grader's books.  Some of the books are interactive and give the students a little bit of a fun touch that doesn't come with a regular book.  If you have seen it or been thinking about it, I recommend it.  Other online books can be found with Barnes and Noble's Nook,  Apple's iBook app, and Amazon's Kindle.